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Creative Snack for Kids Instructions

We are so excited to have you participate in our Creative Snack for Kids volunteer program here at the Crisis Nursery! Please note – as the TEAM LEAD, you are responsible for reading through the following information and passing it on to your team!


Shift Duration

Morning Snack: 9:30 am – 11:00 am (served at 10:00 am)
Afternoon Snack: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm (served at 3:00 pm)
Evening Snack: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (served at 7:00 pm)

Creative Snack teams should arrive at the Crisis Nursery with enough time to prepare the snack so it is ready to serve right at the assigned snack time. Generally 30 minutes prior allows for enough time. All snacks should be plated and ready 5 minutes before serving time.

If this is your first time, please let the person at the front desk know, so we can show you where to sign in, give you an overview of the kitchen and get you started cooking. If you are not on the sign in sheet, please write your name in under the appropriate date/time.


Before You Arrive

  1. Watch the instructional video with your team. This will give you and your team an overview of what to do, and the idea of what is expected of volunteers.
  2. Review the Tip Sheet and Meal Restrictions
  3. Complete the Group Information/Confidentiality Form – to be signed by everyone participating (there are also blank forms in the kitchen). Only new team members need to read and sign this form. This form can be placed in the “Completed forms” folder in the kitchen.
  4. Chef level: Click here to complete your sponsorship payment online.


Additional Details

  1. All food must be purchased already prepared or cooked on site. Due to licensing regulations, food cannot be cooked at home and brought into the Nursery. Please keep in mind the children like simple foods and prefer their food separated on the plate instead of mixed together.
  2. We encourage HEALTHY snacks. The less sugar the better, especially for the evening snack before bed. Feel free to check out creative ideas on our Pinterest page.
  3. Plan to serve approximately 30 people, which includes children, staff and volunteers. Members of your CSFK team are encouraged to sit down and eat with the children. Please keep in mind, all of the little ones in our care have experienced some sort of crisis or trauma and meal time can be very overwhelming for them.
  4. You will be told the amount of children coming for each serving time when you arrive. Please note that on weekends there is less staff in the building (including Keith). We ask for your patience with the staff on site.
  5. Keep in mind that new children are coming into the Nursery and families are leaving at various times every day. Therefore, you may experience a smaller number of children for your snack or we may be full. So, we suggest you always cook 30 adult portions which includes enough food for the children, staff, and volunteers.
  6. Remember that teams can be a MAXIMUM of 6 volunteers and volunteers under the age of 12 are NOT allowed at the Crisis Nursery.
  7. All team members must wear a Cook For Kids name badge (located in the kitchen).
  8. Please share the Creative Snack for Kids Flyer with friends, family and co-workers – we are always in need of more help!


Cancellation Policy

When you sign up for a snack at the Nursery, little ones are counting on you to fill their bellies with good food! While we understand that sickness and emergencies can happen unexpectedly, please keep in mind that our children and staff are counting on you to fulfill your commitment and provide food during your scheduled shift. Because of this, we ask that you provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice and honor the following cancellation policy.

  1. Click the Cancel/Reschedule button in your confirmation email, then click Cancel.
  2. Donate $50 to cover the unexpected staff labor and food costs for a nutritious snack.
  3. IF CANCELLING LESS THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SHIFT: Call the lead desk at 612-767-8475 to let them know you are unable to make your shift.


Questions? Contact:

Keith Johnson
Food & Volunteer Services Coordinator
Direct Line (612) 767-8483
Admin Line (763) 591-0400