Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

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Child Care Volunteer Application

    Child Care Volunteers must be 19 years or older

    Please note that individuals who have utilized any services provided by the Nursery in the past two years are ineligible to volunteer.

    Basic Information

    Emergency Contact Information


    Employment Information

    Experience, Skills, Knowledge

    Community group memberships or civic affiliations (Lion's Club, Junior League, etc.)

    Please list any community volunteer experience:

    List another organization

    List another organization

    Please list any training or experience (formal or informal) you have had in the following areas:

    Required Volunteering

    Please be aware that you will need to meet for an interview, complete a DHS background check, and attend a pre-scheduled orientation. It may take up to eight weeks to begin your volunteer opportunity.


    Child Care Volunteers make a commitment to volunteer twice a month, for a minimum of six months. This helps ensure consistency with our volunteer staffing model.

    Volunteer shifts take place seven days a week, at the following times:
    7:30am - 10:30am
    10:00am - 1:30pm
    3:00pm - 6:00pm
    6:00pm - 9:00pm


    Please provide three professional references (this does not include family or friends) who can speak to your volunteer abilities, character, and/or experience with children. If possible, include someone in a supervisor or management position.

    Criminal History

    All child care volunteers must submit to and pass a DHS criminal history background check. Individuals who have a record of physical violence, theft, or injuring another individual will not qualify to serve as a volunteer. If you have questions regarding the background check, please contact Amanda Keith.

    Child Care Volunteer Agreement

    Confidentiality Agreement

    It is our policy that information obtained by anyone working in a staff or volunteer position must remain confidential regarding all sensitive and personal data pertaining to donors, staff, and children and their families who utilize Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery services. You may learn sensitive information about the children and families we serve, and it is critical to the success of the Nursery, and its community, that information obtained while volunteering be kept in confidence.

    Do not approach or share that you know a child or family if you encounter them in your daily life. This includes:

    • Seeing a child/family in public (unless they initiate contact with you)

    • Seeing a child/family in the media (on the news, in the paper, etc.)

    • Disclosing a relative or friend's use of the Nursery

    Furthermore, children may never be photographed or filmed while at the Nursery.