Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

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Community Connections

In addition to referring families to other local agencies to access additional resources, we’re partnering with local and national agencies to improve our outreach and introduce new, evidence-based practices into our work. Families staying at People Serving People “Hennepin County’s largest homeless shelter“ can participate in our parent education class; children who face illness while staying at the Nursery receive care from Partners in Pediatrics; and we’re working with the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University to implement mindfulness practices to teach children how to manage their emotions. We also work with the Jeremiah Program, the Mother Baby Program at HCMC, and Women’s Advocates to bring Nursery Way practices to broaden the impact of our mission of ending child abuse and neglect and creating strong, healthy families in our community and beyond.

Proud partners include:

People Serving People
Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University
Jeremiah Program
Hennepin Health Care’s Mother Baby Program
Women’s Advocates
Children’s Minnesota, Partners in Pediatrics