Other Opportunities

Projects for larger groups and other individual volunteer opportunities, such as service days and administrative tasks, are available on occasion. If any opportunities are available, they will be listed below. For more information, please email Danielle BradyVolunteer Services Manager.

Leadership Council

The purpose of the Leadership Council is to more effectively and comprehensively engage young professionals in advancing the mission of the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery. The group organizes various events, meetings, and fundraisers for young professionals throughout the year!

Join the Crisis Nursery Leadership Council and utilize your talents and passion to make a meaningful impact in your community to end child abuse and neglect. In addition to giving you a platform to significantly improve the lives of others in your local community, this unique opportunity offers the chance to develop critical professional and leadership skills while connecting with other young professionals/community leaders and having fun!

If you have interest in joining the Leadership Council and/or participating in an event or volunteer opportunity, please email LeadershipCouncil@crisisnursery.org